Book immediately your relaxing moment in our wellness center near Brussels (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw)! Discover below all information about our prices, reservations and arrangements.

Les arrangementsThe rates

Terms and conditions

A deposit will be requested for each appointment. Half of the total amount will be asked as deposit. No appointment is accepted without a deposit! In order to keep the deposit, the appointment must be canceled at the latest 48 hours in advance, if this is not the case the deposit will be lost (except for medical reasons, certificate is required).

If you cancel 48 hours in advance, you can move your appointment once or put your deposit aside for the next time ,valid for 1 year 
(if you are not sure of a date yet). Deposits are not refunded!
For every reservation for a group of minimum 4 people, the identity card of one of them will be asked. This one will be returned at the end of the session, after checking the space.

Every customer is asked to respect the rules that are applicable in each space.

In case of damage, a complaint will be filed in with the police.

Gift cards are available to please you, or someone close to you or colleagues!

A question?

Contact our private wellness center, this can be done by phone or by mail. We are open every day from 9AM until 1AM (night opening on request) and will be happy to answer all your questions from 9 AM until 10 PM. Enjoy our private wellness center near Brussels, located in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw.