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Our Massages

The massage reduces pain, tension and relaxes the muscles. It also carries out the waste and stops tiredness.

Facial massage  15 min – 25€

Back, Neck and Shoulders  20 min – 30€

Legs and Feet 20 min – 30€

Body  30 min – 40€

Body  45 min – 60€

Body  60 min – 80€

Herbal stamps (45 min – 60€)

Aquastelle -

Herbal stamps are bundles filled with herbs that have cleansing, activating and relaxing properties

Candle (30 min – 60€)

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The good dosage of essential oils contained in each candle does not only give a pleasant odor, but also a good skin care.

Hot stone (55min – 70€)

Aquastelle -

Hot stone massage is a body massage with warm basalt stones that completely relax the body and muscles.


Shea butter (45 min – 55€)

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Shea butter cleans, nourishes and softens the skin, which keeps the skin young and healthy.

India Bhyanga (90 min – 100€)

Aquastelle -

NEW body, face and scalp.
Relaxing massage, non-therapeutic massage originating from the massages Abhyanga Atreya Smith according to the Indian tradition Ayurveda , helps to reduce pain (Arthritis, hip pain, tiredness, excess toxins, ...) . India Byanga with Kessa Byanga (acupressure point on the face and scalp) In India, the Abhyanga is used daily by the population to feel good and to restore the balance between body and mind.

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