Aquastelle - Sauna, Relax,..

Aquastelle: a genuine oasis of relaxation and escape

N'oubliez pas nos bons cadeaux   |   Pour répondre à vos demandes, nous avons occulté la toiture de l’Or afin de vous offrir plus d’intimité.

Aquastelle is a private relaxation center in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw near Brussels.

Relax in a calm and luxurious atmosphere, escape and enjoy an exceptional comfort in our wellness center.


Aquastelle offers two wellness centers :

- Le Bleu by Aquastelle has a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi (37°), a heated pool (31°) and a massage chair. These many blue shades will rock you.

- L’Or by Aquastelle has a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi (35°), an open fire and two infrared lamps.  Magical places dressed in gold and black that reveals a cozy atmosphere ...

The decoration of spaces varies. So you can choose in which atmosphere you want to relax.

Aquastelle is the place to be to escape and relax.

The relaxation area for your own pleasure or to please others.

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All our sessions are on reservation


The beauty salon by Aquastelle

Our beauty salon offers you the possibility to do massages, facial cares,

pedicures, manicures, depilations, peelings and wrappings.

You can just come in the beauty salon or come before, during or after your session in our wellness.

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All our sessions are on reservation